What Goes On Your Business Cards?

This is a question I often come across, and its such an important question to answer – What goes on your business cards?? Lucky for you – I’ve decided to do a quick post about what every girl boss should put on their business cards. This is coming from a place of trial and error, so I’ve definitely tried a few different things, but have found something that works for me. Let’s get right into it…..

  1. Your Name (the obvious!) – I go by ‘Nkay’ as its my nickname, but for professional purposes I’ve spelled out my full name, ‘Naa Kwaley.’ Although sometimes I think my name can be hard to say or understand, I still use it. However, if you are known by a nickname that is still professional, feel free to use that too! Also, include your title – “CEO, Fashion + Lifestyle Blogger, Content Creator, Digital Influencer,” etc. Let people know what you do and who you are.
  2. E-mail address – Use your professional e-mail that is associated with your blog or website. You want everything on your card to look and be consistent as possible. I use [email protected], since my website and social media username is @thebossdiary, instead of my personal gmail address.
  3. Telephone Number – Now, in my opinion, here’s where it gets tricky – Whether or not you include your phone number on your cards can totally be up to you. Here’s my thoughts – some people don’t like to put their number on their cards. For one, you might be worried about your card getting into the wrong hands (a creepy, stalker guy) and end up with unwanted attention. Also, some people feel that their e-mail address alone is sufficient enough. There’s also the argument that without having your phone number on your cards, you may seem ‘less professional’ or not taken seriously. I used to have business cards with my number on it, but I found that as a creative, using my e-mail address was much more preferable and convenient. I’ve noticed when I go to networking events, the first thing people ask me is, “what’s your Instagram?” which is just a reminder that we are mostly in a ‘digital-only’ age. I don’t remember the last time a brand has contacted me through my phone number. But if you also want your phone number as a means of contact, feel free! There is no right or wrong answer. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.
  4. Your social media handle – If you have the same handle for ALL of your social media platforms, then kudos! I know it can sometimes be hard to have the same username for everything. I use @thebossdiary for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Brands especially, will appreciate this information on your cards, as they will most likely check out your Instagram before deciding to work with you.
  5. Your website – Let people easily find you! Include your blog or website link. If you have more than one website, use the one that is most relevant to your brand.
  6. Your photo or logo – This can be anywhere on your card – it all depends how you design your card. Some bloggers may use a graphic instead of their face, but I’ve always liked to use a photo of me on my cards. What can I say – I love me a selfie!

Other biz card tips!

  • Use a font that is easy to read. Stay away from cursive if you can, unless its your name and the font is large enough.
  • I like to use every bit of space on the card without it looking too crowded – so the back of the card is also a great space to utilize. You can put your tagline or an inspirational quote there.
  • Branding style – I have two colors that I use for my brand. These are the same colors I used on my business card. I want brands to easily recognize me, and using the same fonts and colors is a great way to stay consistent with your branding!
  • Canva is a great tool to use to create and design your business cards. They have some great templates to choose from. If you want more ideas for other apps that might be useful for you, check out one of my previous posts.
  • My last tip, is to be yourself, have fun designing, and be the authentic you!

Let me know if you enjoyed these tips and if they were helpful! See ya in the next one girl boss xoxo







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