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I’m so happy you are here! I’m Nkay and I’m a Fashion +Lifestyle Blogger and  Digital Content Creator for upcoming bloggers. Welcome to The Boss Diary — where I share my tools, resources and daily motivation to help you reach your short and long term goals in building your brand. I wanted to create a space for women, whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, a mother, or just a girl workin’ that side hustle. This is a place for you to become inspired and learn more about social media branding.

When I left my office job, I decided to make my side hustle my full time job. I read all the books I could find, and found all the resources I needed in order to build my brand. I took Instagram and Marketing classes, and took on the role of the Social Media Marketing Assistant for a major female blogging platform. Without the experience and guidance from those who have helped me along the way, I would not where I am right now. This is partly what motivated me to start this new blog. I hope we become friends and you stay awhile!

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