What’s On My Vision Board?

I am so excited to write this post! Honestly vision boards are one of my favorite things in the entire world. I could not wait to share with you what’s on my vision board and how to make one for yourself. Are we ready?

But first….

Do not read on if you do NOT believe in these 3 things

  1. you are amazing and destined for greatness
  2. the power of the Universe
  3. a positive mindset = a positive life

In order for your vision board to really work and manifest within your life, you have to trust and believe in its power. You can’t just make a board and leave it sittin’ pretty in your home office or laptop screen, then walk away hoping for the best. Having a vision board is about visualizing and manifesting your goals for yourself and working hard towards them. If you need to learn more about manifesting your goals, stop by here.┬áSo with that said, I know you can do this because you are destined to be great!

How to make your vision board

There really is no one way to make a vision board – it all depends on you and your preferences. You can cut and paste images from magazines onto a white board, or you can create a digital vision board using Pinterest. I prefer both a physical and digital board, but for the purposes of this post I’ll be sharing my digital one!

The very first thing you want to do, regardless of which method you decide, is to write down your goals. We are more likely to achieve our goals if they’re written down first. Take a pen and paper, and be as specific as possible about what you want to achieve.

Once you’ve written down your goals, start to collect your images. I use google images for my digital board. If you are making a physical vision board (which are so nice because you can hang them up at home and see them every single day before you walk out the door) just grab one of your favorite magazines. Cut, glue, and paste. You have the freedom to be as creative as you’d like.

For my board I thought about where I was, where I am now, and where I’d like to be in the near future. Everything on my board represents a goal I want to accomplish. Bring in your emotions from the past and start to visualize what you want for the future. Most importantly – use images that make sense to you. It doesn’t matter what your board looks like to other people. Vision boards are for you, and they have to be what you truly deep down desire.

Once you’ve searched and saved your images – the fun part begins! (If you’re not having fun while doing this then you’re not doing it right). You can arrange your photos any way you’d like. I’m a little on the OCD side so I like mine to look very parallel and in order. Each photo is a reminder of something I want in life or something I aspire to be.

So what’s on my board? Here it is!

For the sake of time, I won’t go into every image, but I will share with you one of my goals. And that is, l’ve always dreamed of living in Bali. I’m not sure why but it might have something to do with Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love….but Bali has always been on my mind. I have been envisioning traveling there for a long time and its going to happen soon! I believe it and I know it will happen. On my board I also have images that relate to financial prosperity, staying healthy, and finding true love. Seeing my written goals on my board gives me more confidence and large amounts of positivity!

Before I leave I want to also encourage you to practice self-meditation. You don’t have to sit with your legs crossed completely isolated in Mother Nature. All you need is some relaxing music, 10 minutes, and a few positive thoughts to get you through the day. Take things one day at a time….

I hope this post has helped you and given you some insight on vision boards and how they work. Comment below and let me know how your new vision boards are turning out! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram if you haven’t already.

Happy Wednesday loves, and I’ll see ya in the next one.

Nkay xo

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