How To Be A Girl Boss Tribe: Meet The Trio

Hello ladies, and welcome back to another Feature Friday! This week I am doing things a little different. I thought it would be awesome to highlight a real girl boss tribe – mine! I love sharing stories with you from a girl bosses doing their thing, so I also wanted to share a group of girls who work together to build their badass brand. Get to know….me and my favorite girls! Grab a cup, sit back, and enjoy your Friday afternoon read.

Meet: Naa Kwaley – Founder and Brand Stylist of The Boss Diary, Ciara Rayshall – Founder of The Crafty Jawn Co, Tai Moore – Blogger of Freckles Fashion and Flaws

“Although the three of us are now physically separated, our spirits are forever connected. We talk or text every day, and share each other’s stories – the good the  bad, and the ugly. I truly value these women, and embrace our special bond.” – Nkay


“As full-time creatives, each week presents either a new idea, or bit of discouragement. With good vibes + honest feedback, being around Nkay + Tai gives me that end of week inspo and belonging I need to keep creating and evolving- because sometimes a girl just needs an extra “yassss honey” to come alive and boss out!” – Ciara


“Exchanging all our crazy ideas and goals, and then cheering each other on as we implemented them is part of what made our #fotoshootfridays so perfect. But one of the best and most important things we made sure to do no matter what – open mouth, full face, ugly laughing. It looks gorgeous on us” – Tai


Together, the three of us have formed an incredible bond, and have worked hard every week to build our brands and crush our business goals. How did this girl tribe start? With coffee and conversations of course. Then we all had the idea to meet up every Friday and make this a real “thing” We had our own photoshoots, had coffee and work sessions at our fave local cafes, or went to a fancy hotel to have fancy drinks. I looked forward to these meet ups every Friday – in fact, it was the highlight of my week.

All of us keep in touch every day, and are already planning our next meet up! It’s so amazing to hear each other’s success stories and small milestones that we cross. We also talk about our setbacks, and the things that aren’t always fun to talk about. But regardless, we stick together and we have an incredible bond. The best thing you can do for yourself and for your business – is to find a girl tribe that shares YOUR interests and passions. Get together with people who make you feel good. Start planning weekly meet ups, and talk about what your goals are and how to accomplish them. Trust me – this helps! Its so important to get out there and make it happen. Work hard girl, but also have fun in the process!

Be sure to follow us on social media, and stay updated with our adventures! Thanks so much for reading ladies, and I’ll see ya in the next one xx




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