A Blogger’s Life: The Small Things

We all have stressful lives, even if we’re at the top of our game. Everyday we are hustling, writing, planning, and working hard towards achieving a goal. There is so much going on around us, and sometimes we just need to find ways to de-stress and find our inner peace. Blogging and photography is part of my ‘happy’ place. Since I bought my first camera I have been so extra! #sorrynotsorry. I love taking pictures, and the art of photography has always inspired me. I definitely love being in front of the camera, but I equally love to be behind the lens.

blurred lines in pretty bathrooms….

This morning I woke up facing my window and saw the faint sun rays peep through the blinds. Sitting on my window sill is my tiny little bamboo plant, Gigi. (Yes I’m that weird plant mom who named a plant!) I love me some bamboo plants because they’re just so pretty. They are actually very easy to take care of, as they only require to be watered once a week. And, remember to keep them out of direct sunlight and in a room temperature between 65° F – 90 ° F. A little light is ok, but Gigi can’t handle too much sun. She’s actually real petty about sunlight! Here’s Gigi’s best shot from her photoshoot this morning:

Good Morning Gigi…

Another piece of my inner happiness comes from blogging. I love writing while drinking a cup of coffee or chai in the morning. For me, blogging is therapy! I try to write a couple posts a week so that I have them in my ‘blogging vault.’ I’m trying to get more consistent with my scheduling, so I’m in the process of creating a new content calendar for my posts! I’ll have a social media calendar available real soon that you can download and use to schedule your own content. It will help you get organized and stay on top of your social media game <3

As much as I love my digital products, I am still old fashioned and love to write everything down. Bullet journaling is my thing. Once I’m done with something on my list, I cross it off and feel SO accomplished. Along with my gadgets, I never leave the house without perfume and lotion.

Always got my gadgets and smell goods

For the rest of the day I’m headed to my neighborhood cafe to get some work done and enjoy this summer weather while it lasts. I’m not sure how August crept up on us so quickly! It’s a beautiful Sunday and I hope you find ways to enjoy the small things. Work hard, but play harder. What are some ways you spend your Sunday’s? Comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

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