Instagram has now added a new feature to help enhance your business – Instagram Story Highlights and Archives. This is such a great tool, because now you can create permanent collections of Instagram stories that will live on your profile forever. More and more users are implementing this feature.

Instagram Stories Highlights are an extremely valuable addition to an Instagram business profile, because they allow brands to easily curate and showcase content they want users to see first.

In this package you will receive 5 Story Highlights.

NOTE: Please indicate the names of the 5 highlights you would like. Ex.”about” “tips” “beauty” If you’d like additional highlights, please let me know in the notes as well during payment.

By now you know that Instagram is the strongest platform for creating visual content and digital storytelling…

Instagram will help you:

Reach your target market
Increase traffic to your website or blog
Grow an online community
Build trust with your audience

This 4-week package is all about building your brand through Instagram. Creating beautiful content, sourcing images, scheduling Instagram content, researching hashtags, and keeping on top of analytics, can be very time-consuming. Many clients just don’t have the time to run their Instagram account successfully. Here is where I come in.

So how does this work? The process

1. We will start with a free 30-minute Skype consultation so I can learn more about you and your goals for your Instagram. We want to make sure we’re on the same page so that we can create the best results. It’s important that I understand what you want to achieve. We will discuss:

– the specific images you would like to use. If you have your own content from another website or another source, I will take these images and edit them to fit your style (including quotes or text). I will also create new content that fits exactly what you’re looking for.
– branding – colors, fonts and styles that we will use throughout your feed.
– your following and how to best engage them with your brand.

2. You have two options – Option 1: If you’d rather your social media completely and let me manage it for you, I will schedule all posts for the month using a scheduling tool. All your posts will be pre-scheduled and posted during the correct posting time. Your package includes 1 post a day for the Beginner and 2 posts a day for the Premium. Each post includes your image, caption and hashtags.

All passwords and logins will be given to me, and I start your takeover the day after our Skype consultation. No time to waste!

Option 2 – I will create all of the content for you – included the edited image, caption and hashtags – and send you everything via e-mail or whichever method you prefer. You then have complete control over your content and when you want to post. All you have to do is sit back and relax while I send you everything you need, and then you post whenever you like! This option is for you if you just want the content created without me posting for you. I will give you a posting guide that will include your content calendar and the right posting times, so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

No matter which option you choose, I will…

– Research and use the right hashtags that fit your brand. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for each post, so I will use the best ones that are the most popular and relatable to your brand.
– Create a content calendar that has all your content, captions and hashtags.
– provide weekly analytics from IG, so I can see what worked and didn’t work so well, and see the most popular posting times. I will also analyze your followers and demographics.

Be available Monday – Sunday during normal business hours: 8am EST – 6pm EST via e-mail and DM through my Instagram account. If there is an emergency you may text my business line. I will be there to address any questions and concerns you may have. We are in this together!

And don’t worry – I won’t leave you high and dry. At the end of your Takeover, you will receive –>

A complete write-up of your Instagram Action Plan – that lays out the tools, resources, and tactics you need in order to keep up with your IG and stay consistent while I’m gone. You can refer back to this guide as many times as you’d like.

NOTE: Please indicate your full name, Skype I.D., Beginner or Premium package, and your e-mail in the notes during payment. Thank you!


You will receive a 1-hour coaching session via Skype or a coffee date – lattés on me!

Together, we will give your brand a thorough assessment and make sure that you are taking the correct approach in building your brand style. We’ll establish a niche which will allow you to stand out in a saturated market, and individually look at your social media platforms.  We’ll hand select your blog’s branding and aesthetic and create a plan to maintain your image. We’ll also develop your “elevator pitch” (who you are, what you do, and why people should care) so you can effectively market yourself and your biz/blog.

We will look at your social media platforms and strategic approaches that best fit your business. I will go over your current analytics, and come up with a strategy and posting schedule for your content. We’ll take a look at your bio, aesthetic, captions, hashtags, etc., and create a fully developed Action Plan.

By the end of your session, you will walk away knowing:

– What your strengths are, and where you could improve, and tips that will help you continue to build your brand.

What To Expect:
– Content creation plan for your social media – posting times & engaging content
-Detailed Action Plan for your short and long-term goals, with inclusive notes and strategy – to be sent to you after our session
-Tailored plan to discuss Instagram growth, brand collaborations, features, etc.

Social Media Channels that we cover:
-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest

Come prepared with questions so that I may address them during our session. And don’t worry – after our coaching session is completed, I will send you a detailed Action Plan directly to your e-mail within 3 business days so that you have all of your notes and information at your fingertips.


What is a Media Kit? In the blogger world, a media kit is a document that outlines who you are, what you offer, and the key statistics of your blog. Its your digital and visual resume. Generally, your media kit is given to potential advertisers or brands that you’d like to collab with. Marketers will know all about your blog, how many followers you have on social media, what topics you blog about, and what you charge for your services Having a media kit will not only make you look professional, but will also show advertisers why they should work with you. In short, your Media Kit will include the following but not limited to:

-An introduction to yourself and your business

-Your mission

-Services offered

-Previous work (Collaborations)

-Stats (number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Blog stats)

-Contact information


If you don’t have all of these items and are just starting out as a new blogger – no worries! I will use everything you have and create a look and kit that reflects your work and everything you offer. Once you book your appointment, I’ll reach out via email so we can go over the details and make sure I have everything I need to create your professional Media Kit.

*Note* Your Kit will be designed and sent to your e-mail within 2-5 business days – this includes revision time.

Your package also includes:

-25 minute design consultation – via Skype or a coffee date (lattés on me)

-1 allowed revision for changes and moderations

*Note* Please include your full name, Skype i.d., and your e-mail in the notes during payment.




Let me guess – you’ve had it up to here with DIY websites…..

What started out as a fun do-it-yourself project turned into a nightmare that just won’t end. You have reached the point where you want to create a website that reflects you, and not just an average looking template that you have no idea how to fix.

Here is where I come in…

It’s important that your new website or blog has a beautiful and structured look to attract your followers and clients to your site. designing a website means that I will take your vision and the information you outline, and create the right look that best suits you. As a web designs I have the ability to understand what is needed to make the website functional and easy to use, but to also make it aesthetically appealing to the user as well. This is all part of the user experience. It’s my job to make sure your website ties into your brand that you are representing. Every entrepreneur needs a website that reflects who they are, and I know just how to do that.



Since beginning my journey of starting my own business, I although not lacking confidence, was still not not sure of my “bossness” and felt scrambled between both brand + operation. Far from a social media guru, I constantly felt overwhelmed by the task of beginning and scheduling simply because I didn’t know how to brand stratigize. It wasn’t until I grabbed hold of the bait NKay placed into the atmosphere on her IG stating that she could help girls just like me with a business idea looking for brand styling that will take my business to the next level. And boy did she. It’s through my partnership with NKay that my business profile increased 150+ in only 3 weeks time. Engagement jumped, and now I have a template on how to continually keep up the momentum.  I honestly thanked God for what Nkay has done for my brand & for me! I have now adapted the same strategy she used for my business into my personal social platforms and even began scheduling life the NKmstying way. More than just someone I hired to help my business grow, NKay has truly become a girl boss friend, constantly encouraging me to keep up and embrace my creativity, I can confidently say I am a Girl Boss! Thanks NKAY

– Ciara @ciararayshall

I worked with Nkay to create highlight covers for my InstaStories. Nkay created the covers exactly how I was picturing them in my head! She has become my go-to woman when it comes to anything style or branding because she just has the eye for it! I’m so grateful for Nkay helping me step up the look of my brand to come across more professional!

– Julia @jbethjs


When you’re in the process of creating an actual career for yourself out of your blog or business, Nkay is the person to go to. not only is she a good person but she is such a huge help and she makes sure she reviews every step of creating your Media Kit. Super thankful to say that I received such amazing service from such an awesome person!

           – Alonia @loreanstyles



Running a small business takes hard work, but I’ve always been a believer in working hard and working smart. Nkay has given my business the tools to succeed by providing an actionable plan. It has been a great pleasure to get to know her an to work with her. Thank you so much for helping our business to grow and thrive.

– Nhi @sativaremedy



Working with Nkay on my website was so amazing. She made sure I understood what I was creating and how we could make the website user friendly. Definitely referring her every chance I get. Thank you Nkay!

– Alex @creativeconnect









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