Put In The Network!

When most of us hear the word “networking” we tend to roll our eyes, or think “oh man, here we go again.” (I may or may not have been one of those people) Back in the day, I didn’t really understand what networking was. In my mind, it was nothing but a bunch of people in a room full of people they didn’t want to talk to. Sound familiar?


Networking has changed babe girl! Nowadays, there are so many fun and creative ways to get out there and meet new people within your industry. The best way to truly form connections is to network. I have met some AMAZING people through networking events, and its so important that you try to get out there and build industry relationships.

So here are some tips that will help you network like a pro:

  1. Join a blogger network – Almost every city will have some sort of blogger network that you can join. Attend monthly events, meet other bloggers in your area, and find people that you can collab with. A great place to check for details on meet ups and local events is Facebook. You can usually always find something on there
  2. Post comments on other peoples’ blogs – Read your fellow blog babes posts. Comment. Share. Just be an all around team player lol. Seriously though, I think its harder to get comments on your blog, but it is possible. Ask your bloggers to also share your blog posts on Facebook and on their Instagram stories.
  3. Sponsor contests or host giveaways – Working together with other bloggers to host giveaways is not only a great way to support other bloggers, but you’ll get more attention and traffic to your blog and social media platforms. Instagram is always a great place to do giveaways. You can gain new followers and find a way to interact with a wider blogger community.

And that’s it! I hope these tips were helpful to you. Be sure to also watch my latest #BrandTipTuesday video on YouTube here.

Thanks for reading babe and see ya in the next one, Nkay xx

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