How To Be A Fashion Blogger & Entrepreneur: Meet Monica Warren

Where would you like to be exactly 1 year from now?

“Fully self-employed & continuing to help women dress well on a budget.”

We are back with another Feature Friday from another incredibly talented Girl Boss. I met this beauty through her fashion blog, and have been obsessed ever since. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, this gem has a real passion for fashion, and is working so hard to achieve her blogging dreams. Also, I love her favorite lists – we both love the same podcast! If you want to learn more about this babe and everything she is currently up to, then check out our interview. Grab a cup, become inspired and enjoy your Friday read! Get to know…

Current City where you live: Columbus, Ohio

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Full-time job: Project Administrator

Hi Monica! Welcome to The Boss Diary! So glad you’re here. Tell me all about The Savvy Shopping List and how you started as a Style Blogger.

I started as a style blogger 5 years ago, just looking for a creative outlet from my stressful job in social work. Since I was always a good writer & loved fashion (& dressing my friends & family) I thought a fashion blog would be the perfect mix of my natural talents. The Savvy Shopping List is an idea I came up with because I heard so many women talk about how they wanted to dress cute & stylish, but they didn’t have the money to dress the way they wanted & build a cute & functioning wardrobe. I begin to think about how every time I shop I find a coupon to make my purchase more budget friendly. I also thought about how it normally takes me sifting through coupon websites, trying a few codes that actually don’t work and how much time I waste finding a good coupon before I’m able to buy anything. As a result, I thought there needed to be one central list with all fashion coupons that’s accessible in a quick easy weekly format, so I created that & called it The Savvy Shopping List.

I love that you wrote your own e-book. What is The Outfit Upgrade all about?

The outfit upgrade breaks down what every woman needs to know to easily create stylish outfits quickly that work for any occasion. The Ebook gives expert advice that will save women money with future shopping purchases & help them find solutions to boring, outdated and ill fitting wardrobes.

Who are some of your favorite business women or entrepreneurs that you look up to and have inspired your work?

I love Kela Walker, who started off as a fashion blogger & is now a media & social powerhouse. Also I like Nichole Lynel who is a fashion designer, I’ve been following her on social media for some years & love her transformation into a major businesswoman.

Have you experienced any challenges as a blogger? If so, how did you overcome them?

Definitely have had some challenges regarding staying consistent. Because I work a full time job it’s hard to stay on top of all I’m doing outside of work. So I often have to give up my TV time (I love reality TV lol) or wake up early to get in some blog & writing time. It’s all worth it in the end though.

How would your describe the fashion scene in Ohio?

The fashion scene is very unique. Because we have headquarters here for Victoria Secret, formerly the Limited, Express & Abercrombie, we have a heavy fashion design influence here. There’s a handful of fashion bloggers here & I can honestly say each one of our styles vary greatly.

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you.

I’m a really good cook! A few years ago I got on a healthy lifestyle kick & have remained on it; so my diet is pretty healthy. But before then I would cook amazing meals on a random Tuesday lol. Lasagna, gumbo, mac & cheese from scratch etc. Now I still cook but my menu has changed to include healthier options.

Name one thing that your hometown city is known for.

We are a huge foodie town & are known for founding a few famous restaurants & food brands. There’s quite a few restaurants here that have been on the food network shows.

Before you go, what is one piece of advice you would give to women out there who are looking to start their own blog or business?

Get ready to totally dedicate your time to your blog if you want it to be successful. Also it will cost you, in money, time & commitment.

Fave 7:


  1. Summer activity: Outdoor festivals/rooftop parties
  2. Restaurant in your neighborhood: Northstar Cafe
  3. Podcast: GirlBoss Radio
  4. Lipstick: Anything bright red
  5. Color: Gold
  6. Social Media App: Instagram!
  7. Disney movie: The Lion King

Random 7:

  1. If you won $20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with that money? Buy my parents whatever they want, pay off my college loans & invest in my business
  2. How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Hilarious, crazy & fun
  3. What is the last good book that you’ve read? Strategy Daddy
  4. What is the best concert that you’ve been to? Musiq Soulchild
  5. Number one travel destination in the world that you would like to visit? Brazil
  6. Who is your current celebrity crush? Drake
  7. 3 things on your bucket list? Plant a garden, Live in a high rise in New York city, go on one vacation a month for a year

Thank you so much Monica for joining us today, and sharing your story in my diary! So much gratitude. Ladies – be sure to follow Monica on social media – links below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next Friday for our next feature!




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