How To Be An Author & Educator: Meet Jo-Anne Santos

Welcome back to another amazing interview from another talented and purpose-driven Girl Boss! This week it’s all about my writers, authors and educators. I met this gem on Instagram, and absolutely loved her writing and inspirational posts. She makes writing look easy, and is effortlessly successful. Ladies, if you want to know more about the journey this young lady has traveled to get to where she is today, then this is especially for you. Grab a cup, sit back, and enjoy your Friday read. Time to get inspired! Get to know….

Current City & Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Full-time job: Early Childhood Educator


Hi Jo Anne! Welcome to The Boss Diary! So glad you’re here. Tell me how you started as an Author and Educator

Hi! Thanks for having me. I started writing poetry since I was 12, but I’ve been writing short stories since I was 5. I fell in love with being able to express my emotions that I also got into performing and doing open mics in my teenage years. Becoming an author has always been a dream of mine as a child and now being able to live it has been so fulfilling!

I absolutely love that you wrote and published your own book. Go you! Please tell us all about your book, “Growing Wings.”

‘Growing Wings’ is a testament of my journey through poetry, prose, and short stories. Its written from my personal perspective and in a way that is relatable to other young women that have gone through heartbreak, losing self, and finding the strength to carry on.

At what point in your life did you start to feel that writing and poetry would be your purpose and passion?

At first, poetry was really a hobby for me. When I was in college, I was planning open mics and art shows in my city and I honestly did it for fun. The times that I did perform my poetry, I was also able to see how much impact my words had on people. I’ve always written for myself therapeutically and for fun, but the fact that other people are able to relate to my words is a bonus! I think at this point, I wanted to continue to write and share my artform with others in whichever capacity. Although I do not plan events anymore and I rarely perform, others are able to read my writing in my book or online.

I truly feel that one of your purposes in life is to empower and strengthen women through your words. How would you define your own purpose?


I feel that empowering and strengthening women through my words is a part of my purpose as well. I also believe that as I grow older and I grow in knowledge and wisdom, my purpose will change a bit. Right now, I would say that my purpose is to incorporate the years I’ve been in the education field and not only strengthen and empower women through my words but to also support them through educating them.

I was going through your profile and fell in love with your ‘prayers’ quotes. What inspired you to start “prayersprosepoetry?”

I actually just changed my instagram handle in January 2018 and honestly it reflects how I have lived and survived. Through prayer and writing in prose & poetry is how I navigate life.

Who are some of your favorite business women or entrepreneurs that you look up to and have inspired your work?

I am honestly inspired by so many boss babes right now. One boss woman that I look up to has to be Kat Gaskin. She’s from my hometown, and although we’re in separate fields, I just love how driven she is. I currently use one of her products @thecontentplanner and it’s helped me keep all my social content organized so far.

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you.

I am a complete movie junkie, romance or romantic comedies to be specific. I recently watched “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” on Netflix which is a movie adapted from the book by Jenny Han and I am obsessed!

Name one thing that your hometown city is known for that some people may not know.

Toronto has the most diverse selection of food. You can find almost anything here and it’s one of the reasons why I love this city!

What would the “15-year old you,” say to you today?

“You survived. You didn’t think that you would but you really did. Your faith and your endurance to move forward is inspirational and you are the woman I envisioned you to be.”

Before you go, what is one piece of advice you would give to women out there who are looking to create a life that revolves around their true purpose, and possibly write and publish their own book?

Go for it. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting closer to a goal whether big or small! Also in terms of writing and publishing your own book, focus on your manuscript first. All of the other details that go into publishing come after. Make sure you take time in finding a great editor to go through your manuscript. Lastly, don’t be afraid to promote yourself and your book long before you release it! It ends up helping you out in the long run.

Fave 7:

  1. Summer activity: Nature walks or walks on the beach
  2. Restaurant in your neighborhood: Bloomers
  3. Podcast: The E Project by Jodianne Beckford
  4. Lipstick: NYX or BITE
  5. Color: Purple (but since my book came out, blue too!)
  6. Social Media App: Instagram
  7. Disney movie: Cinderella

Random 7

  1. If you won $20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with that money?  Build a couple of schools where education is most needed.
  2. How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Funny, Reliable, and Caring.
  3. What is the last good book that you’ve read? The Celestine Prophecy
  4. What is the best concert that you’ve been to? Lauryn Hill
  5. Number one travel destination in the world that you would like to visit? Aruba
  6. Who is your current celebrity crush? Noah Centineo
  7. 3 things on your bucket list? 1) Watch the sunset on an island preferably in Aruba 2) Do something that scares me like skydiving 3) Take a road trip around my country

Thank you so much Jo-Anne for joining us today, and sharing your story in my diary! So much gratitude. Ladies – be sure to follow Jo-Anne on social media – links below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next Friday for our next feature!





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