How To Be A Crafty Jawn: Meet Ciara Rayshall

“My advice will always be to let your desire to know Him more superseded the desire for ultimate success and then the success will literally come to you in a way that aligns with your true purpose.”


Happy Feature Friday! Ok…you guys…..I have to admit, this week’s feature always has me laughing in tears. I can’t with how funny she is – you do not want to miss her Fave 7! Today, its all about a fierce and dedicated girl boss who decided to take yes for an answer, and step out of her old routine and transition into a new entrepreneurial lifestyle. She always knew she was a creative at heart. Through her relationship with God, along her love for helping other women achieve their goals, she started her business – The Crafty Jawn Co. I had the pleasure of working with her, and have been connected with her ever since. I am so lucky to call this girl a friend. Grab a cup, sit back, and enjoy your Friday read! Get to know…


Current City & Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Full-time jobs: Mommy, Social Content Strategist, Brand Curator



Hi Ciara!  Welcome to The Boss Diary! So glad you’re here. Tell me all about The Crafty Jawn Co.

The Crafty Jawn Co. is currently the beginning stages of a dream of mine. Not simply a business but a brand that believes in women, motherhood, friendship, & creativity while  providing support through them all. With a #GodBae foundation, The Crafty Jawn Co. is a community where through mobile transaction we offer motivational encouragement for women via crafty DIY’s to maintain self-care, emotional tips on motherhood, or mental encouragement to stay steps ahead of the enemies in life. Our mission to aide women in finding purpose, confidence, individuality and strength on their own terms and with their faith forward.

We all know that it can be challenging to start a new career and let go of the fear that holds us back. Can you tell me how you got started as an Entrepreneur?

I’ve kinda always been the girl with a side thing going on even at a mediocre level from event coordinating freelance, to braiding hair for an extra buck here and there while working, so running my own show has just always been my jam. It wasn’t until I began creating The Crafty Jawn Co. that I took the leap of quitting my then full-time job as an HR Coordinator for a Home Health care agency almost a year ago that I adopted the “entrepreneur” title. It began as a fun opportunity to learn more about mobile apps that blossomed into a way to use not only my skills in creative writing, coordination, organization, design, and social media awareness, but also a gift of growing purpose with a legit platform. Being so type A, and wanting to assure anything I placed out in the universe was close to perfect, The Crafty Jawn Co. has began to grow into a brand with outstanding business potential.

I love the fact that you are open and transparent about your religion and spirituality. In what ways has being open about your faith helped you connect with your online audience?

Being open about having a tangible relationship with God has helped me relate to my audience on levels that most are hesitant to touch on, a more soulful level instead of superficial. Because I have been open about my prayer life, even praying on IG live before, I allow transparency in how God moves in my life. I’ve had the opportunity to see Him move in the lives of others as they reach out to me and mention how the actions i’ve taken publically have helped them. I also make a huge effort to showcase what God revealed to me; take the stigma off of Him and come just as you are. I treat Him as if He were my man. No relationship is perfect but by way of dedication and commitment, I choose to make it work with each new day.  The fact that I come from more of a relationship foundation between God and I over the whole religion thing I feel opens the doors for others to be able to relate to me and most importantly relate to God as He works through me.

Today’s age is all about ‘The Digital Age.’ With a powerful advertising platform such as Instagram, brands can reach a wider audience. In what ways do you think Instagram has helped you build your brand?

Instagram has totally helped link me to other women who are in the same field as me or whom I can collaborate with on similar topics. With The Crafty Jawn Co. having a goal of building community, Instagram is the best medium to begin the conversation of community on as so many users are looking to expand brands. I’m actually excited about a few of the upcoming blog collabs I have gathered via IG.

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you.

Falling asleep to a Sports Center basketball game is a comforting thing for me after bad day…I know nothing about the games, just like the sound of commentators and score buzzers in a dak tv lit room. LOL

Are there any projects you are working on, and/or upcoming events that we should know about?

Because I am such a crafty individual with so many different talents (I say that both greatful & sarcastically- it’s hard having so many creative ideas brewing inside of you; there is always something attempting to come out of me through art form). I’ve been pondering publishing my poetry pieces soon. Most of the pieces i write are geared towards experiences women can relate to so I’d offer it on The Crafty Jawn Co. platform as readable inspiration…Lord willing.


Where would you like to be in exactly 1 year from now?

One year from now, while i’m still obsessed with my #GodBae & watching my daughter grow flawlessly, I’d like to be super cozy peaceful in my LA apartment sitting on my bargain purchased but fabulous HomeGoods sofa, sipping chamomile tea from a branded Crafty Jawn mug while working from home on The Crafty Jawn Co. app content, new merchandise contracts and collaborations. While overviewing my calendar my very best friend & business partner Keya will be introducing new methods to me for increase income potential and brand expansion, then trading my tea for a mimosa by noon. LOL. I hope to still be learning the business of business, excited about the brand, and blown away beyond my imagination with life! Oh & most certainly some interns to have joined the team by then- social media is a full time job!

Before you go, what is one piece of advice you would give to women out there who are looking to start their own business?

Put God in the business and believe in yourself! I know that based off of the stigma surrounded around religion most find it hard to really dive into the whole God thing, especially as He relates to business, but honestly once I decided to place Him first in my life in a way that is completely our own, things began to really pick up for me and I knew real peace. Most certainly not perfect, but I was broken before The Crafty Jawn Co. and asked God for a way to feel worthy, a place to be creative and use each of my talents, and He gifted me The Crafty Jawn Co. platform with an assignment to take millennial tools and simply be creative by way of gathering women and motivating them both in life and spirituality. My advice will always be to let your desire to know Him more superseded the desire for ultimate success and then the success will literally come to you in a way that aligns with your true purpose.

Fave 7

  1. Summer activity: Drive-in movie dates
  2. Restaurant in your neighborhood: Wasabi on Elmwood
  3. Podcast: The G Code with Adri.V The Go Getta
  4. Lipstick: Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in “Crop Top”
  5. Color: Yellow
  6. Bravo t.v. housewife (wait…do you watch the housewives?): I used to watch all the time but as the past year I’m over it & out the loop on the current cat fights lol . If I have to choose a favorite it’ll be Kyle from Beverly Hills- she’s adorable.
  7. Disney movie: Cinderella both the animated + multicultural versions. “In my own little corner, in my own little chair I can be whatever I want to beeeeeee” wait- did Disney even back the Brandy version…idk still a fav!

Random 7

  1. If you won $20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with that money? I’d def give a percentage as tithes; split between two churches here in Buffalo, then to projects that help mothers in need and women struggling with mental health. Buy a beautiful house and white Range Rover cash cash (Cardi B voice) Invest into the progression of The Crafty Jawn Co., bless a few folks who I feel have blessed me along my journey, link up with some investments for my daughters’ future, travel to Israel + have a nice stash for future vacations, and then SAVE.
  2. How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Sophisticated, Honest, Bomb.
  3. What is the last good book that you’ve read? The After Party by Jana Prikryl
  4. What’s your favorite song on your current dance playlist? I like it Cardi B + Do it Again Elevation Worship. Yes I get the illest head knod to worship music too!
  5. Number one travel destination in the world? Thailand
  6. Who is your current celebrity crush? Ehhh….Im so out the loop I dont even have anyone on my issa zaddy snack radar….Because im into laughing a lot im just gonna vote Marlon Wayans-I like hilarious and really enjoy his movies + TV shows. (shrugs- how basic am I)
  7. 3 things on your bucket list? Skydive, prove my fears wrong, Take on a TED Talks speaking opportunity.

Thank you so much Ciara for joining us today, and sharing your story in my diary! So much gratitude. Ladies – be sure to follow Ciara on social media – all links below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next Friday for our next feature!

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