How To Be A Real Student Traveler: Meet Nabila Ismail

“My thoughts get clouded by societal norms and what everyone else expects of me which makes me settle and lose the fun, passionate part of myself. I’m generally a very happy, curious, adventurous, and sociable but I don’t see that side at home.”

This next girl boss is so inspiring! Nabila and I met last year at a blogger meetup, and we stayed connected ever since. The very first thing I noticed about her? – her shoes! I knew this girl had style and immediately fell in love with her personality. She’s such a sweetheart and loves to laugh (I laugh at everything). When I found out she has a passion for travel, I loved her even more! I can honestly say I don’t know anyone else who has traveled more than this girl. I thought I’ve been everywhere – not even close! When Nabila isn’t traveling or blogging about her experiences, she’s a full time student and has a job. Wow! I wanted to learn more about her and her story. Read my interview below with Nabila, and become inspired!

Name: Nabila Ismail

Headline that best represents you: Student Traveler

Current City/State: Buffalo, NY

Hometown: Clifton Park, NY

What is your full time job?: Student

Hey Nabila I’m so glad you stopped by. Tell me about your blog and how you got started. 

Well, I started my blog very early about 8 years ago and it was totally different. I started posting fashion and outfit posts which now that I think about it were awful. So after my first solo trip abroad, I switched to travel. I wanted a way to document my memories because I was doing something out of the box for myself and my family. I share my memories, itineraries, tips, and hacks to traveling on a budget. Sometimes its my thoughts and then others I try to organize it for people interested in my schedule and planning. So far, I’ve been to 27 different countries and 5 continents within the last 6 years

When you’re not blogging, traveling the world, and hanging out with me at Starbucks, what else do you love to do?

I love to do many things! I’m always trying new things but most times, you’ll catch me eating, drinking too much coffee at cute cafes, or Netflixing. I really love to hike, be outdoors, read, craft, and hang with friends! Sadly, I spend a lot of free time studying though!

Today’s age is all about ‘The Digital Age’ I love how your Instagram feed is full of all the places you’ve traveled and visited. Is it too much to ask to take me with you on your next trip?! How do you use Instagram to help build your brand?

Of course not! I’m always recruiting travel buddies! It would be nice to not be solo for once! Instagram is such an easy to use app for everyone which I love because I’m not too well versed in photography or editing. I use it to reach out to college students, travelers like me, and the fashionistas by posting with various hashtags and tags. I’ve grown a lot through sponsorships and collaborations which is the biggest benefit!

I read in one of your Instagram posts that you see a difference in yourself when you’re in your zone, rather than the person you are at home. I can relate. Can you explain more about that?

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I find that being home, it’s really easy to get lost in routine things without ever taking time to think of yourself and your being. My thoughts get clouded by societal norms and what everyone else expects of me which makes me settle and lose the fun, passionate part of myself. I’m generally a very happy, curious, adventurous, and sociable but I don’t see that side at home. My views aren’t the same as my friends and family so I feel alone and lost. Does this make sense? Haha :/

Tell me about the most recent collaboration you’ve done. Are there any creatives in Australia (or anywhere else) that you’d like to work with?

I just did a super fun collaborate with the Fashion Outlets of Niagara. I’ll be writing up a post on my blog and my school’s chapter of Her Campus! I scored a great deal on this super cute jacket- the ones that are trending with the fur right now! I’m also newly a Campus Kapten for Kapten & Son! I’ll be repping them all over campus and putting on some cool events. I would love to work with any fashion brand in Australia they have the BEST clothing!

Who are your favorite Influencers/Creatives that inspire your work?

I have so many! For fashion, I love Negin from @neginmirsalehi and Arielle from @somethingnavy. For all things travel, I would love to trade places with @travel_inhershoes or @jacob! Their feeds are out of this world!

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you. It’s ok to share a little!

When I was 18, I moved to Madrid, Spain on a whim to be an au-pair. I basically met a random family online & decided to go look after their kids and live with them. You could say this was my first act of rebellion & the beginning of my traveling journey.

Are there any projects you are working on, and/or upcoming events that we should know about?

The Campus Kapten is the biggest one I’m working on now, along with some swimwear collabs. Currently, planning out my travels for 2018(Africa☺). There will be some exciting ones! Stay tuned!

What is your most proud moment you have achieved as a young and powerful female entrepreneur?

I’d have to say being a Victoria’s Secret PINK sponsored stylist! PINK is such a huge company and I was honored to be with them for a year, repping their clothes. On top of that, they flew me to LA to roadtrip with them to Palm Springs for a weekend! I still am in shock that I was chosen.

Do you have any short or long term goals for the New Year?

2018 is the year with many goals and many changes in my life. I’d like to focus on myself in terms of positivity, relieving stress, and finding happiness in daily things. I’d also like to learn more about affiliate marketing or ways to work from home. My goal is to visit Australia- my 6th continent!

Now let’s get a little more personal! Tell me your favorite:

  • Instagram account you follow: @travel_inhershoes
  • Dish you cook:. LOL grilled cheese… I cannot cook
  • Band or music artist: Die hard Fall Out Boy fan
  • Restaurant in New York:  Eataly
  • Clothing boutique: Free People
  • Lipstick: Kat Von D Lolita
  • Netflix show or movie: Grey’s Anatomy or anything Bollywood

And let’s get a little more personal, shall we:

  • What is the last good book that you’ve read?  Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
  • Your number one travel destination?  Greece
  • Who is your male celebrity crush?  Still a HSM fan so…Zac Efron
  • 3 things on your bucket list? Greece, Australia, India

Thank you so much Nabila for being a part of my diary. Thanks for reading loves!

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