How To Be A Social Media & Personal Branding Strategist for Female Entrepreneurs

“I think it is so important for people to front up in their business when it comes to social media, personal branding and networking online so I am very focussed on not only spreading that message but helping women understand that it can be easy and fun to be yourself online, create amazing content and attract your dream clients.”


Happy Friday! So excited to feature another International Girl Boss this week. I met this gem on Instagram and literally fell in love with her entire page. I immediately did my usual Instagram stalking, and learned that she is also a Branding Strategist. I knew we would be friends – she just didn’t know it yet. Not only is she an inspiration to so many women who are trying to start their own business, she is also the host of her own Podcast. Can we say, goals? I have always admired women who have started their own podcasts. When she’s not busy working and running her own business, you can find her laying in the sun reading a good book. Also, her favorite song on her dance playlist gives me life! Grab a cup, become inspired, and enjoy your Friday read. Get to know…..

Profession: Social Media & Personal Branding Strategist

Current City & Hometown: Melbourne, Australia


Hi Madeline Welcome to The Boss Diary! So glad you’re here. Tell me all about your work as a Social Media & Personal Branding Strategist.

Thanks so much for having me! My work is very strongly focussed on educating female entrepreneurs to show them that social media for business can be fun and easy. But more importantly than that, that their value is not tied to their social media presence. Social media is an incredible tool for business growth and we are so lucky to live in an age where it is available to us.

I want women to be able to harness that tool in a way that honours them and allows them to achieve the most success from it. This means feeling confident on social media, speaking their truth and fully owning who they are and what they are about.

I work 1:1 with entrepreneurs but have recently introduced master classes and will shortly launch a membership site to hopefully reach as many women as I can at all price points.   

I think it’s incredibly awesome that you have your own Podcast. Tell me all about The Social Boss.

I LOVE creating content for the podcast. Starting a podcast is something I have wanted to do for years, before I even had my business so it is exciting that it has finally come to life! Prior to the podcast I tried my hand at YouTube and thought about blogging for long form content but neither was for me. Enter podcasting! The podcast is a place where I talk strategy, share more general commentary on social media, personal branding and online networking plus I interview amazing entrepreneurs once a week.

We all know that it can be challenging to start a new career and let go of the fear that holds us back. Can you tell me how you got started as a strategist?

It can definitely be challenging to start a new career. In terms of being in the industry getting to where I am today has been quite flowy. I started out in public relations working in agency while running a blog. The blog lead me to meeting some awesome people who gave me the opportunity to work freelance on content creation, social media management and influencer marketing. After a while my view on the way I wanted to work in social media changes so I decided to take the leap and shift from my current hands on approach in social media to a more educational focus. I think it is so important for people to front up in their business when it comes to social media, personal branding and networking online so I am very focussed on not only spreading that message but helping women understand that it can be easy and fun to be yourself online, create amazing content and attract your dream clients. Although it was scary to take this leap the real motivator for me was that I would always feel as though I had sold myself short if I didn’t go for it and build the career I continued to feel called to for so long. That inspiration and motivation is so much more of a driver when you can cultivate it from within.

Today’s age is all about ‘The Digital Age.’ With a powerful advertising platform such as Instagram, brands can reach a wider audience. In what ways do you think Instagram has helped you build your brand?

Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform. I love creating content for it AND browsing through. I think personally it has been a great way for me to connect with people on there so well because I do love it so much. I feel at home on there and enjoy using as many of the features as I can. I really believe people can sense the energy of your content so it is super important to use platforms you find fun. Instagram is also an excellent place for more casual networking and introductions to people and clients so it is awesome in creating a comfort level with your audience before they delve deeper into you and your business offering.

Who are some of your favorite business women or entrepreneurs that you look up to and have inspired your work?

I really admire Natalie Ellis from Boss Babe, she has not only killed the Instagram game but done an awesome job at developing her business as her platform has grown. I love Maria Hatzistefanis from Rodial & Nip + Fab for the fact that she focuses on staying ahead of the curve in her marketing and business efforts and lastly someone more close to home Angela Cerberano from Melbourne based PR company Flourish. Not only has she built a successful company but she continues to look for growth and new opportunities and has developed a killer personal brand.

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you.

I’m not and technologically apt as I may seem! Google is literally my best friend for this. If I’m working on my website, editing in iMovie, GarageBand or photoshop or trying to use a new piece of equipment I will literally Google each step!

Are there any projects you are working on, and/or upcoming events that we should know about?

Yes! I am launching my membership site in May. It is a low cost hub with monthly content planning parties, weekly live trainings, accountability threads and a resource library. I’m also running my Instagram Optimisation Masterclass again in May as well as a Masterclass on online networking too.

What is your most proud moment or milestone that you have achieved as a female entrepreneur?

Working to move past the fear of putting myself out there online for my business. In particular with live content and around speaking my truth. This was a long road but a huge milestone to get to where I am today!

What is one piece of advice you would give to women out there who are looking to start their own business?  

Jump in with the acceptance that you may make mistakes, struggle or feel lost. The more you can make peace with this as quickly as possible, the more you will be able to move into action faster and reach your goals.

Now let’s get a little more personal! Tell me your favorite:

Summer activity: Laying in the sun reading a book!

Fashion Designer: This is a tough one. Probably Alexander Wang. I could put together a whole outfit I loved from one of his collections.

Restaurant in your neighborhood: A little Japanese place about 10 minutes from home. I go so often they recognise me right away when I go in.

Podcast: The Kimberley Wenya Podcast – it’s all about Law Of Attraction & manifestation

Lipstick: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #9 OR Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in #7 (two options on total opposite ends of the price spectrum!)

And let’s get a little more personal, shall we:

If you won $20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with that money? ALL THE TRAVEL. I would also make some real estate investments before running down to Chanel.

How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Supportive, hilarious, strong

What is the last good book that you’ve read? Crushing It by Gary Vee

What’s your favorite song on your current dance playlist? Where The Party At – Jagged Edge

Number one travel destination in the world? NYC

Who is your male celebrity crush? Zac Efron

3 things on your bucket list? Fly on a private jet, publish a book and buy a farm to home as many rescue dogs as I can

Thank you so much Madeline for joining us today, and sharing your story in my diary! So much gratitude. Be sure to follow Madeline on social media – all links below!









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