How To Manifest Everything You Want In Life

There is an UNLIMITED amount of positive energy in the Universe. When I first started learning about meditation and manifestation, I thought it was nothing more than a hoax. It just seemed too good to be true, and I had no idea how it really worked. I was definitely a non-believer. I didn’t think it was possible to manifest everything I wanted just by having the right mindset. But then something started to happen…

A change of mind….

I was sitting at home one day and started my usual binge watching on YouTube #sorrynotsorry. I decided to search “the Law of Attraction” and up popped one of my favorite actors and comedians on the planet, Jim Carey. I thought to myself, “ok I HAVE to see what Jim Carey has to say about this” And oh my God. I am SO glad I did. (To see the full video, check it out here)

Jim Carey talked about his early acting days when he wasn’t getting hired and was completely broke. He then decided to write a check to himself for $10 million dollars and dated it for Thanksgiving 1995. He gave himself 3-5 years to make that money, and started to visualize his success as a professional actor. And what happened? Just before Thanksgiving in 1995 he got a phone call from his agent, and found out he was going to make $10 mil off his latest movie Dumb and Dumber.  Coincidence? I think not. He asked the Universe for it, he believed he would get it, and he then received it. He manifested making that amount of money at the exact time he said he was going to make it. He visualized exactly what he wanted. Absolutely incredible.

After I became incredibly inspired by this video, and after listening to other people who practiced visualization and the Law of Attraction, I started to actually practice it. In the beginning I couldn’t really focus. But I woke up every morning, played quiet meditation music, and literally just spoke out loud to the Universe. I actually heard myself speak out my goals – “I want to be a positive influence to women, I want to travel more, I want to make more money and find a place of financial stability.” Each day I spoke these things out (and still do). I continued to put out positive vibes in the Universe, and well….

My life was changing….

I got rid of toxic and negative people

I started going to the gym more

I changed my diet

I saw an increase in my attitude

I started to achieve small milestones in my career

Life is good…life is better

Have you ever been around someone who was a Debbie Downer? All they do is complain. They hate this. They hate that. And if you notice, everything in their life is negative because they are negative. Then take a look at someone you know who is always positive and always hoping for the best. Are they living a different life than the Debbie Downer? In this life, you get what you give. The more positive energy you put out in the Universe, the more positive energy you get back. I am living proof of this. I am a completely different person than I used to be just 5 years ago, and I keep getting better. The only way I have been able to build a business and change my mindset, was to manifest better and greater things in my life.

I think it’s so important to work on yourself continuously. Work on achieving self-mastery and never be satisfied with yourself.  Invest your energy and time on you. This is the beauty of being a human. A tree can’t be anything but a tree. A dog can’t be anything but a dog. But you as a human being can transform yourself to be better and greater. We as humans have unlimited potential.

When we wake up in the morning, we immediately check our phones. We scroll through Instagram, compare ourselves to others in our feed, and check how many likes and comments we got overnight. But this isn’t the best way to start our day. It is a fact that whatever information we read or listen to in the first 20 minutes that we wake up completely affects the spirit of our day. I suggest you spend 10 minutes every morning and listen to an inspirational podcast or video. Find your inspiration, then spend 15 minutes every morning meditating and manifesting by yourself. It’s so important to take time out everyday to develop yourself, open your mind and control your thoughts.

I hope these tips have helped and that you are feeling motivated and inspired to spend a few minutes each morning practicing the art of meditation and visualization.

Below are a few of my favorite meditation playlists that I listen to, as well as some great podcasts for motivation! Feel free to check them out.

Thanks so much for reading love, and I’ll catch you in the next one…

Nkay, xo

Meditation 1 

Meditation 2

Lewis Howes – The School of Greatness

Manifest it Now! Law of Attraction

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