How To Effectively Use Hashtags: Instagram Marketing

I remember when hashtags first started trending and I had no idea what they were. It took me awhile to really understand them, and now it feels like I don’t type anything without a hashtag! I wanted to give you some important tips that I’ve learned by using hashtags for my Instagram account.

First, let’s clearly define the word hashtag: a way to categorize your social media posts: most commonly used in Twitter, a ‘#’ is placed before a word or phrase that you want to use. My most commonly used hashtag is #TheBossDiary

There are 3 types of hashtags that I use for all of my posts on the The Boss Diary Instagram and they have helped me tremendously in growing my new account.

  1. # that represent you and your brand – These will include your name, your brand name, your blog or business title, and whatever acronym you use to describe YOU. For example, mine are #TheBossDiary #TheBossDiaryBlogger #fblogger #SocialMediaMarketer #BrandConsultant. These clearly define who I am, the name of my blog, and what my title is.
  2. # that cater to your niche – These are strictly for your target market. So let’s say you’re a fashion blogger for low-budget college students, like this amazing Fashion + Lifestyle + Travel blogger Missminussized. She does an excellent job of addressing her target market. Her blog is very fashioncentric based, but she wears and buys clothing that falls under a $60 budget. Genius! She choose an audience, found a way to connect with them, and built a brand. With 10k followers she must be doing something right! Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram @missminussizedExample hashtags: #budgetshopper #collegegirls #collegefashion #shoponabudget #universitylife
  3. # that are used in your community – I call these Community hashtags. I love these # because they connect like-minded users around a specific area of interest. For example: #GirlBoss, #BossBabe #NastyGal. These are all big-name brands that have thousands of followers. I would say regardless of your area of expertise, try using one of two of these community hashtags in your posts. You may have nothing to do with fashion, marketing or blogging, but you don’t have to be! Using a #girlboss hashtag includes women of all trades. You’d be surprised where your post can end up! I’ve even had a few of my posts reach the top post spot on Instagram. It’s because I research which hashtags people are using that are in my niche.


  • Remember, #brand, #niche, #community. Take a look at the hashtags you’re currently using and see if there is room in there for improvement. Mine used to be a mess! It takes a little bit of time and strategy, but trust me, if you want to grow your brand and build your business, you need to start with those hashtags girl. Make good use of them. And in case we all forgot – Instragram is FREE advertising! Use it to your advantage.
  • Here’s another secret to Instagram: there are 30 million active Instagram users – your target group IS out there. And believe it or not, they type in these hashtags at the search bar LOOKING for you. Every girl on Instagram wants to ‘find her tribe’ Think about a blogger, stylist or girl boss you follow. Why do you follow them? It’s because you are attracted to their brand, and chances are, you may have connected with them through a hashtag. So use your # ladies, and find your audience!




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