How To Be A Young And Fabulous YouTuber: Meet Tomasilienne

“……… most proud moment was when my videos first reached over 1,000 views! My main goal is to connect with people through my platform so when I started to gain views it gave me affirmation that people are watching!”

Meet Tomasilienne! I came across this girl boss on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her Youtube videos. She is killin’ it as a Vlogger, and has a love for all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. My favorite playlist on her channel is ‘Toma J Talks.’ Toma dives into all sorts of topics, such as relationships and how to build your dream life. She also has an amazing vlog playlist for those of you who love to travel. Check out her interview and become inspired!


Full Name: Tomasilienne

Current City/State: Brooklyn, NY

Hometown: Albany, NY

I love the work that you’re doing in social media and vlogging. Tell me about how you started your Youtube channel and what motivated you to start your brand. 

Thank you so much! I started my YouTube channel because I’ve always wanted a platform to help and connect with real people. I’ve been through a lot of different experience in life and I want to use those experiences to help others!

What challenges have you faced as a Digital Content Creator? Are there any tools or resources out there that have helped you overcome these challenges?

I’d say the main challenge I’ve faced is getting my content to reach a wide audience. The main tool I’ve used to overcome this is Instagram. I’ve committed to posting as much as possible and using my stories to bring attention to my channel.

Today’s age is all about ‘The Digital Age.’ With a powerful advertising platform such as Instagram, small businesses and brands can reach a wider audience. In what ways do you think Instagram helps you build your brand?

It’s helped me by getting my name out there and helping me to connect with other content creators!

Besides Instagram and Youtube, what other social media platforms do you use? Which platform do you find the most appealing for your brand?

I also use twitter, snapchat, and facebook! I think twitter is the most appealing because it allows people to see a less curated side of my brand.

Tell me about the most recent collaboration you’ve done. And are there any creatives in your area (or outside your hometown) that you’d like to work with?

I actually have yet to do a collaboration but I would love to collaborate with Cheyenne Adler!

Who are your favorite Influencers/YouTuber’s that inspire your work?

My favorite influencers are definitely Hannah Bronfman, Cheyenne Adler, and Christina Caradona. My favorite youtubers are Tasha Green and Raven Elyse.

What is your most proud moment that you have achieved as a vlogger?

I would say my most proud moment was when my videos first reached over 1,000 views! My main goal is to connect with people through my platform so when I started to gain views it gave me affirmation that people are watching!

Now let’s get a little more personal! Tell me your favorite:

  • Instagram account you follow: @adamantlyadler
  • Band or music artist: Lorde
  • Restaurant in your neighborhood: Due Fratelli
  • Clothing boutique: Brandy Melville
  • Lipstick: Rouge Volupté
  • Netflix show or movie: Love

And let’s get a little more personal, shall we:

  • If you won $20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with that money? If I won $20 million dollars I would first and foremost pay off my student loans! Next I would give some money to my family and friends. Next I would give some away to charity and finally, I would invest the rest!
  • How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Kind, hilarious, and open minded.
  • What is the last good book that you’ve read? “You are a Badass”
  • What’s your favorite song on your current dance playlist? “Sorry not Sorry” by Demi Lovato
  • New York City or LA?  NYC!
  • Ice Cream or Gelato? Gelato
  • Who is your male celebrity crush? Jake Gyllenhaal
  • 3 things on your bucket list? Moving to Europe, Skydiving, and becoming fluent in French.

Be sure to follow Tomasilienne on YouTube and Subscribe to her channel! All her social media links are below. Thanks for reading girl bosses! See ya in the next one xoxo

Youtube – tomasilienne

Instagram – @tomasilienne

Facebook – tomasilienne

Twitter – @tomasilienne

Snapchat – @tomaajx21

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