Why You Should Be Using Instagram Highlight Stories

Instagram has now added a new feature to help enhance your business – Instagram Story Highlights and Archives. I absolutely love the Highlight feature. This is such a great tool, because now you can create collections of Instagram stories that will live on your profile forever. You can add stories to your highlights by searching in your archives. This is super convenient because you don’t have to ‘save’ every story you do. More and more bloggers and small business owners are using this feature, and you should be too.

Instagram Stories Highlights are an extremely valuable addition to an Instagram business profile, because they allow brands to easily curate and showcase content they want users to see first. If you have a highlight cover that looks engaging, more than likely, your followers will stop and visit your story.

Here’s a few of my highlights that I use for The Boss Diary










You can choose to write the actual name of your story on your cover, or you can use an icon. It all depends on your preference.

So why use them?

Share your fabulous, authentic self

The best way to think about how you can create your highlight content, is to see it as a way to show others why your account is unique compared to other similar ones. Make yourself stand out and give followers a chance to see who you really are and how your page brings people who follow it.

Announce new products

Share a new product you’re selling or a new products you tried. These stories last forever until you change them, so use this as a free advertising platform.

Show off your new blog

Let people know what your blog link is, show bits of your new blog posts. Share your work!

Communicate contests or giveaways

If you hosts a lot of giveaways and contests, share them with others. Use this place as a means to communicate giveaway dates, prizes and other info.

I hope these tips have helped, and that you are using your Highlights properly. If you need help with creating your own designs, meet me here and I will help you get started!




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