5 Things That Happen Behind The Scenes Of An Entrepreneur

Ok, so I’m sitting at a beautiful cafe with my client and friend, Ciara, and all of a sudden the internet went out and we were looking at each other thinking, “sooo what do we do now?” lol….oh the struggles! We ended up connecting to our hotspot and everything turned out ok until the cafe internet came on.

But that internet hiccup made me think of the topic for today’s blog post. After all of the wonderful feedback I got from last week’s post I thought I would stay on this topic and go a little deeper into the life of a creative. What does happen behind the scenes in the day in the life of an entrepreneur? Well, there are some things we go through that those who are not entrepreneurs never think about.

  1. As previously stated – Sometimes the Wifi goes out – and this happens sometimes, especially when you’re in a crowded cafe, or a small cafe that just has bad internet. And we all know we can’t function without the Internet! But in times of these crisis always have a backup plan – Hotspot. Connect your laptop to your phone so that you can continue working and your life will go back to normal
  2. Not everyday is the same – there are some days where everything will be routine. For example, every morning I wake up around 6:30 to meditate, make a smoothie, workout, take a shower and get dressed. Then I do my daily Instagram story videos, post on my accounts, and head out to whichever cafe I choose. Ideally, this is how every morning starts. However, there are mornings where that routine is interrupted – I get a client call that I have to take, or an important email I have to respond to. And sometimes, you may have to hop in your car and go run an errand before you sit down and get started on your work. 
  3. Your friends and family don’t understand that even thought you’re sitting outside on a patio with your laptop that you’re actually working – “Hey can you pick up this from the grocery store?” or “Since you’re not doing anything today, can you….” Me: No, I can’t. I actually can’t. I’m working. Just because I’m not in a conventional office at a 9-5 does not mean that I’m ‘doing nothing.’ This is a hard concept for people to understand. My mom will ask me to do something in the middle of the day, and when I explain to her that I can’t, she gets made me lol. So many people don’t understand that we are hustling!
  4. Coffee is our daily dose of medicine – Oh the caffeine rush. I try not to drink more than one cup of coffee a day, but ohhh man, there are times when I just needed it.  It does keep me energized though, and on most days I need that boost of energy. Coffee does make me so damn jittery lol….but that’s just the price I have to pay. Every work-from-home entrepreneur has their drink of choice through their work day.
  5. We multi-task like none other – As an entrepreneur you have so many things you need to get done – we are ALWAYS learning, growing, and finding ways to build our business. I am the queen of multi-tasking. I was getting ready for an event but realized that I didn’t get a chance to listen to my episode from Lewis Howe’s podcast. So, I played in on my phone while I was in the shower and as I got dressed. Kill two birds with one stone. People always say to me, “wow you do a lot,” but to me it comes naturally I sometimes feel like I don’t do enough! But being able to multi-task is a good skill that so many creatives have.


For all my entrepreneurs out there, keep hustlin’ and keep grindin’ You got this. I’ll see ya in the next one loves



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