Feeling Burnt Out! How To Get Out Of A Burnout And Get Back To Business

Ok girl, let’s be really real. You wake up everyday and work on your blog, business, and/or side hustle. In between work you have other priorities: grocery shopping, going to the gym, making time for a social life with our friends, doing laundry, and taking care of your kids. We ALL have a life outside of our daily girl boss hustle. And – we are all human. It’s totally ok to feel burnt out! And quite honestly, this entrepreneurial ladder can be lonely sometimes and very hard to climb. Our body operates on energy, and if we don’t have enough of it, we shut down and fall into a slump. But lucky for you, I’m here to give you some tips that will help you feel motivated and most importantly, productive.

Before I get into ways that will help you get out of this funky funk, here are the reasons why you might be in one….

  1. You pile up your work and don’t give yourself any mental downtime – hashtag, same. I have a lot of different things going on. And while I enjoy everything I’m doing, I sometimes forget to take some time to relax my mind and brain. Think of it this way – a car can’t drive without enough gas, and your bodies can’t function without enough power. You have got to give yourself some alone time. Mental exhaustion isn’t necessarily the result of things gone wrong, but more likely an accumulation of just too much. Too much work in not enough time. Too many interruptions, demands, and shifts in attention. Too many things going on without time to pause and restore. The more mentally fatigued we are, the less productive we are during the day.
  2. You let self-care take a back seat – Girl, you can’t wear sweats everyday with your hair in a messy bun while doing 10 other things at the same time. And dang, did you even shower this morning? In all realness, I’ve been that girl on some days lol…let’s not be unrealistic. There’s plenty of days when you have so much to do and you neglect your physical appearance. But in my opinion – when you look good you feel good.
  3. You aren’t happy about where you are in life – Totally get it and understand how you feel. This girl boss life can sometimes make you doubt yourself. You wake up wondering why you decided to start this new business or new blog. You second guess every decision you made, to the point where you feel unhappy with everything in life. It’s normal to feel this way, especially when you haven’t yet reached the level of success you want to achieve.


But on the other hand, here’s the good news – burnouts don’t lasts forever….

How can you get out of them?

  1. Make a to-do list like, right now! I don’t know what I would do without my planner. My entire life depends on my list. The main reason we feel so disorganized and all over the place, is because we don’t have a clue what to do next. When you have too much to do, you often end up doing nothing. Get that to-do list popping’ girl, and order the things you have to do from highest priority to lowest. Also – the best part of writing these lists – you get to check things off when you finished them! I dunno about you, but its a very liberating feeling.
  2. Lean on your best friend or business bestie – Talking to one of your friends about feeling burnout is actually a good way to feel less overwhelmed! Just getting things off your chest is a great way to cope with everything going on around you. Along those same lines, find a business bestie: someone you can go to the cafe with and knock out a couple hours of work. Use them as your support system and your accountability person. You both can check up on each other and make sure you’re meeting deadlines and also taking care of yourself. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and we all need a tribe!
  3. Get outside and do something + give yourself some love – I know you’re thinking, how can I go out and exercise or go for a walk when I have so many other important things to do? Well the truth is, moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day. In theory, we tend to skip our workouts because we “don’t have time” and we are constantly rushing every morning. But the more you skip your workouts, the more lazy and sluggish you feel. Early in the morning before your day even starts, do some yoga at home or go to the gym. Your brain cells will get moving and you’ll feel SO good about yourself when you’re done. Find time to exercise girl.

And most importantly…..

Take a break! – plan a mini vacation, even if its to one of your neighboring cities. Spend the day at the beach, or go out to your favorite park and have a picnic while reading a book. Also, treat yourself to the self-care things – like give yourself a facial or go to the spa. Try a new lipstick, or treat yourself to a hair appointment. And my personal fave – chill out with a nice glass of wine….find your happy. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

All of the small things we easily don’t make time for, are the best things we can do to climb out of our burn out. Once you start to feel burnt out, you end up staying there. It’s like quick sand. The deeper you fall, the harder it is to climb out. But by taking one step forward, you’ll find yourself out of your rut.

I really hope these tips helped, and that you’re on your way our of that damn rut.

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