How To Create and Develop Your Brand: What Does It Mean To Have A Brand? Pt.1

What does it mean to have a brand? Do we really understand what that word means, and how it applies to us as a female entrepreneur? “Brand” can sometimes be one of those words that is widely used but unevenly understood. Your brand is a reflection of you, who you are and what you represent.

I know how stressful and frustrating it can be to start your own brand, to figure out your strategy, and to get all social media up and running. On top of that you have to think about your branding, the visual side, automation and all the small pieces that will help you to make a successful blog and business online around lifestyle you want – but that’s why I’m here! To help you navigate through these challenges and build a brand that you’re proud of.

In all honesty though, branding is much more than your logo or website. It’s your entire brand identity. You want to create a connection between you and your audience. Everything from your brand colors, the fonts that you use, and the content that you create, is all part of your brand.

Here are the components that you need to think about when brand building: The list may look intimidating, but you got this!

Brand style – color palette, illustrations, patterns, logo, typefaces, photography, icons

Visual side of branding – Your website layout – WordPress, Social Media Platforms

Social Media concepts and strategies – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope

Email list building and Email Marketing – creating automation and Subscription service, creating monthly newsletters

Photography – Having professional images or stock photos

Video for your business – YouTube, Facebook LIVE, creating video about your product, service or editing your videos

Take a notebook and write down the ideas you have for each one of these concepts. Next to each category, write down what you see for brand. For example, under brand style, write down the colors you want to use. Sketch or write down your logo, think about the fonts you want on your website. These may seem like little things but they are SO important to your branding. You want to always have a clean, professional and consistent look. Your branding will take off once you develop your strategy and focus on your creative energy.

Ask yourself, “When someone comes to my blog, what’s the first thing I want them to see?” “What call to action do I want them to do first?” “What colors should pop out when someone lands on my Instagram page?” 

Also, one of the MOST important things you can do for your branding is to add video content. This one is a MUST! You want to create a form of visual imagery so that your audience can connect a face to your brand. But what’s even more important to think about, is that, some of our social platforms may not be around forever. Always utilize different platforms in order to reach a wider audience. For example, not everyone uses Instagram. There are some people who prefer Facebook or YouTube. Create content that is widespread. Its better to reach your followers across the boards than only focus on one platform. Be as active as you can (daily) on all your accounts, especially if you have a blog or business.

Keep in mind too – its OK if you tweak your brand over time. I definitely have. You might change your colors, or switch up your website design. All of that is totally ok as you build and grow. Just focus on what makes you happy and stick to it!

I can also help you develop a POA (Plan of Action) for your branding, and discuss with you the right steps to get there. Together we can come with with a strategy that works for you and your brand. There are some bloggers who have the creativity and not the strategy, so it can be very hard to have both. Your creativity alone can’t build your brand, you must have a strategy behind it.

All in all, branding is focusing on your creativity and strategy, and a mix of trial and error. You have to establish your brand based on your values AND how you want your audience to feel. I have always said that this blog and platform isn’t for me – it’s for my audience. I listen to what you need and I work on the solving the problem and delivering content that you need.

Comment below and tell me what you’re struggling with in your brand. Logos? Content creation? Let me know how I can help! Thanks for reading loves!

Nkay xo


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