7 Tips For Becoming A Great Blogger

I think it’s very simple – if you want to have a successful blog, you have to take the right steps to get there. Nothing good comes easy, and just like any other job or creative field, we have to work hard to get the results we want.

If you want to become a great blogger…here’ are a few tips that will help you:

  1. You need a brand – think of a brand like Boss Babe. Their brand is immediately recognizable by their signature font, color or logo.  Branding is super important for your business. It’s the one things that makes you stand out from the masses and create that first memorable impression.
  2. You need a voice – I always talk about how important it is to have a voice. You want to be yourself, and communicate with your audience in a way that is authentic. A voice is your personal writing style. If I were you, I would write with personality and confidence.
  3. You don’t try and do everything – The best brands and blogs have ONE specific niche. Your blog can cover sub-topics, but don’t try and be the blogger that knows and writes about everything. It will confuse your audience and you will start to loose their interest. The Boss Diary is a blog and platform helping female bloggers build their blog + biz. That’s it. You have to decide what your area of expertise is going to be and stick with it. This is what it means to have a niche and a target audience. 90% of my Instagram and blog followers are women, so my content is catered to that specific market.
  4. You reply to comments and DM’s religiously! – So important. I reply to every single comment or DM that I receive. Why do I do this? I am loyal to the people who are actually listening to me. I interact with my audience, ask questions in my Insta stories, create polls, and really focus on what my followers like and dislike. Building a community along with your blog is one of the best things you can do as a blogger. As a blogger, you should be relatable. You can’t just be an image, you have got to engage with the people who support you.
  5. You aren’t afraid to pitch yourself – Girl, be shameless. Self-promote every chance you get. I mean you don’t want to over do it, but don’t be shy. The top bloggers know how to market themselves. You know who the best bloggers are – because they let you know! Don’t let people assume who you are and what you do – just tell them.
  6. You get into Affiliate Marketing – this is where the big bucks are. I recently signed up with Shopstyle Collective and I’m so glad I did. This is a great platform for beginner bloggers. Amazon is also a great affiliate that gives you extra cash. Planoly also has a storefront in which your followers can shop your Instagram posts. There’s so many options out there.
  7. You do your reach-outs and take risks in who you contact – have you ever seen a blogger reviewing a product from a big brand (or a smaller brand)? Most likely, they probably asked. You’d be surprised at what you’re capable of if you just took the risk. Do your brand reach outs. Create a template that you send to every brand – tweaking a few things here and there of course. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no. Big deal. Move on to the next, and eventually someone will say yes. Stay persistent!

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