Blogger Tip 101: Ask Yourself Your Why

I’ve been blogging for almost eight years now, and I’ve learned a LOT about the in’s and out’s of being a writer and having a digital journal online. My first blog was on the Blogger platform, and then I moved on to WordPress. If you aren’t already using WordPress, then I highly recommend you do – thank me later! You have complete control over your website and can customize your layout and design to your preference.

In this post I want to share what I think is the most important tip for every blogger – whether you blog about fashion, lifestyle, food, travel or any other topic in between. Here is my Blogging Tip 101:

Ask yourself WHY you started a blog and why you’re a blogger.

If you are blogging because –

– you want to be Insta-famous

-you want thousands of followers

-you can get ‘free stuff’

meh….then you probably shouldn’t consider starting a blog.

But, if you are a blogger because –

-you want to share your authentic self and story to others

-you want to have a positive influence on your audience

-you feel like you have a gift that you want to share

-you have a passion for writing and digital story-telling

then all of the YES.¬†This might be the right path for you. Asking yourself why puts your goals into perspective. The key word is passion. If you aren’t passionate about your blog, then it will definitely show. You won’t really grow an audience, and you won’t come across as authentic. Make sure that you are committed. Having a blog is almost like being in a relationship. You have to work hard at it, and keep you and your partner (audience) happy.

Be you no matter what, and let things happen organically. You want others to see who you are, and that doesn’t mean you have to share your entire life. But give your followers and readers bits of pieces of who you are, let your guard down once in awhile, and listen to your audience. Give back whatever they give. Respond to their comments and engage in their blogs too. This will make you a more successful blogger, and give you more confidence in your brand.

Remember, get involved in blogging for the right reasons. If you ask yourself why, then everything will happen the way it should.

I want to know – why do you blog? Share with me in the comments! Thanks for reading loves, see ya in the next one xx


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