5 Online Businesses You Can Start Today

With so many female entrepreneurs on the rise, there are more opportunities than ever that can help you sustain a stead income while working full-time or being a stay-at-home work mom. These are my top 5 business that you can start TODAY:

  1. Virtual Assistant – A Virtual Assistant is someone who does clerical and Administrative work online. This position is for the girl boss who has the knowledge and skills to handle these sorts of tasks, and is willing to set and meet deadlines. All you need is a strong work-from-home ethic, a laptop and a strong wifi connection. As a VA you can offer so many different types of services – resume writing, data research, e-mail marketing, and other limitless options.
  2. Social Media Marketer – Chances are you have some sort of knowledge about social media accounts, so why not reach out to other businesses or entrepreneurs and use your knowledge to help them build their brand and grow their content? There are so many older generation business owners who are not familiar with social media, and are looking for a young millennial to bring out their presence online. Many businesses need you as their Social Media Manager.
  3. Graphic Designer – If you are good at creating logos, social media content, or creating advertising art for e-commerce service based businesses or other business entrepreneurs, then you can work as a freelance Graphic Designer. There are so many business owners out there who do not have the time or skills to create content for their advertisements and websites. If you have an eye for visual content, then this might be the right online business for you.
  4. E-book & E-Course developer – If you love to write and have some sort of knowledge you want to share with others, then you should consider this one. Maybe you have skills you want to share with people, but don’t really love working and talking with people on a personal basis. That is totally fine! You can write and sell a “How To” e-book or create a course on “How to stay productive during the long winter season.” You are using your writing skills and selling a profitable online product, without having to leave your home. Anyone can do this!
  5. Coaching – This is one of the most popular online businesses that so many girl bosses are doing. Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries currently, and there are so many people who need help with different aspects of their lives. Now, do you need a certification to become a coach? That all depends on which type of coach you want to be. Many coaches do NOT need a certification, just like many University teachers don’t need a teaching degree – but you do need the knowledge and the skills to work with people. My business coach does not have a certification, but she learned her skills from her own business coach. Choose a coaching service that goes with your niche – relationship coach, productivity coach, women’s health coach, etc. You’d be surprised how many people need YOU.

How to find clients and leads for any of these businesses?

  • LinkedIn (my personal fave)
  • Facebook Groups (absolutely gold for Virtual Assistants)
  • Twitter (I got my latest Internship just by sending a DM!)

Other tips:

  • Send cold e-mails to potential clients – saying who you are, what your skill set is, and how you can help them achieve their goal
  • Follow and become active with clients on Instagram – like, follow, and comment on their posts. Engage yourself in the community
  • People don’t know what you do – unless you tell them! Don’t be afraid to market yourself! 

If you have any questions or want more advice, don’t be afraid to reach out! Comment below or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Thanks for reading babe, and see ya in the next one….. xoxo

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