Happy International Women’s Day! Friday Introduction With The Founder Of The Boss Diary: Meet Naa Kwaley

“The Boss Diary is more than just a place for girl boss inspiration and motivation, its a place to share women’s stories from all around the world.”


Good Morning from beautiful and sunny Los Angeles! And most importantly – Happy International Women’s Day! I’m Naa Kwaley (Nkay) and I am the Founder of The Boss Diary Blog. So happy you’re back luv. Today and every day, we celebrate women from all around the world.!For almost two years (our anniversary comes up in May), The Boss Diary Blog has been a platform for unique, strong, creative, talented, and hard-working women. This blog would be nothing without each and every one of you.

Today, I thought would be the perfect day to re-Introduce myself! We gained a lot of new followers and a TON of new readers since the start of this year. So what better day than International Women’s Day to share more about who I am and what this blog is all about?! I answered a few of my own questions, and included some fun facts about me as well. Enjoy!

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Full-time job: Fashion Brand Stylist, Blogger, & Singer


Before we begin, tell us 3 words that best describe you.



Funny (but not really)

When did you start The Boss Diary and what does it mean to you?

The Boss Diary, started from an idea in my head in May 2017. I already had a blog, but I wanted something totally different. Something that would motivate and encourage women to live their best lives. Initially, the blog was focused on helping women build their brands through brand styling, but after awhile I decided to change the direction of the blog. I started to use my personal platform, Nkmstyling, for the business side of things, and focus on Girl Boss Interviews and sharing women’s stories for The Boss Diary. It’s crazy how it worked out so well! Such a relief for me, because I wasn’t sure how the transition would go over with my audience. But I found that this year, our brand is stronger than ever. And for that, I’m grateful.  There is SO much gratitude I feel with every single woman I’ve interviewed. It’s amazing!! I met so many badass girls around the world, and have created real friendships. To date, we’ve featured 64 women from 5 different countries!! I am floored and honored. The Boss Diary is more than just a place for girl boss inspiration and motivation, its a place to share women’s stories from all around the world. We learn from other women, and we are EMPOWERED by other women. This is why this blog has continued to grow – its the love and support I receive from all of you. Literally warms my heart!

How would you define your own purpose?  

We ALL have a purpose on this earth. Find it. Live it. Love it. My purpose has always been two-fold: to create and inspire. I have always been a creative. No other job or career path gave me fulfillment or satisfaction. It took some time before I had enough courage to follow my internal soul and do what I was born to do. Besides running an amazing girl boss blog, I am a singer, pianist, and fashion stylist. Music has always been a part of my life, and fashion has always been the core. I love everything that I do, and I am grateful to wake up every day and live out my purpose. And let’s be really real – I’m more than grateful I get to wake up in LA! No more winters for me – I just couldn’t do it!

What is one thing that most people may not know about you.

I have always wanted to learn horseback riding! Horses are my favorite animal, and I actually want to own a horse one day. My mother grew up on a farm before she moved to the city, and she used to tell me stories here and there about “that farm life.” Then in middle school we took a field trip to a farm and all of us got to ride a horse. I was hooked!

What is one piece of advice you would give to women out there who want to start their own blog or business?

Oh baby girl – never.give.up. I am living proof! It’s ok to start over, create a new place, and try again. I’ve done it many times! Don’t worry about what people will think or say, just focus on your and your goals. You aren’t living for anyone else but YOU. I always tell my followers to write their goals down. Wake up everyday and spend at least five minutes alone. Meditate, write a gratitude list in your journal, and get yourself in a positive mindset. Everything starts and ends with you. So keep going and keep pushing. And the most important piece of advice I have for you? –> wear a cute outfit even on the days when you don’t feel your best!


This or That:

  • Thin crust or deep dish: thin! New York style pizza for life…
  • Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick – I love me a good nude. Currently wearing L’oreal “Nature’s Blush”
  • Tea or coffee: coffee
  • Romance movie or horror film: romance, I hate scary movies!
  • J Lo or Shakira: Shakira always!
  • Instagram or Facebook: Instagram
  • Girls Night Out or Netflix: both, but I love me some Netflix!

Quick 5:

  • Where is your next vacation? Not sure quite yet, but it might be Antigua!
  • What is your favorite 90’s jam? Omg so many, but I love Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it.”
  • If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why? I feel like I’m supposed to say a fish, cuz I’m a pisces…I think in my next life I’ll be livin’ it up like Nemo – minus the whole getting lost at sea thing…
  • If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why? Ok, so I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I think Regina Hall would be so good at playing me. Some people think we resemble each other, but I don’t believe that. I think we both just have big eyes LOL. But she’s so funny, and I feel like she can show my personality well.
  • What are three things on your bucket list? 1. Travel to all the amazing places I want to visit – including Paris and Greece. 2. Swim with dolphins 3. Live on the beach with a handsome man and maybe like one kid. Definitely with a cute little puppy though.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me. I also want to humbly thank you for your love and continued support over these past two years. So much love for you babe! See you next Friday <3

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