Hey girl! I am so happy that you are here with me right now. Welcome to my online girl boss diary.

My name is Nkay, and I am the Founder of The Boss Diary. I started this platform to create a space for women. We are powerful and we are strong. Here is where you find everything female.

Every Friday a new Girl Boss Interview goes LIVE. I interview women from all around the world! To date, my diary has featured over 50+ interviews! I absolutely love sharing stories from female entrepreneurs and influential women. I also wanted a space where I could help motivate others live their best girl boss life, which is why I am also a Fashion + Lifestyle Brand Stylist. In hindsight, I help bloggers build their brands through personal style and brand strategy.  Thanks to women like YOU, I was able to find my source of motivation, and build a platform that I was truly proud of.

I have been in the bogging world for eight years now, and girl, I’ve learned a thing or two! Visit me at NKMstyling where you will find my fashion blog, and ways that I can help you transform into a successful blogger through personal styling and brand development. You’ll also find¬†TONS of blog + branding tips, my YouTube videos, and everything about my fashion style.

Thanks so much for being a part of my diary babe, and let’s become friends. All my love!